How It Works


Use our search tool to browse hundreds of GeoCharter yachts in your area of interest.  Compile a list of professionally crewed charter yachts you'd like to review with GeoCharter.


GeoCharter acts as a direct link between you, the charterer, and the charter yacht you chose to sail with. In most cases, we have been aboard our listed yachts and know the crews you’ll be sailing with. Contact us to tell you more about your group, and your interests so we can help match you with the perfect yacht and crew.


Once you’ve selected your yacht with the help of GeoCharter ‘s knowledgeable staff, GeoCharter will prepare your contract for signature, accept deposit and fully book your yacht vacation. You pay no additional fees for our service. Have questions? Call or Email any time. We’re here to make to your booking process as stress-free as your charter yacht vacation will be.