BVI Yacht Charters

BVI Yacht ChartersAlthough BVI yacht charters are often considered a status symbol reserved for the rich and famous, the experts at GeoCharter Luxury Adventure Vacations are in the business of making tropical getaways accessible to anyone with a desire to embrace the island life.

When you’re ready to weigh anchor, BVI yacht charters are the best way to navigate the 60 smaller islands and cays that surround the capital island of Tortola. And because the British Virgin Islands have been deemed the sailing capital of the Caribbean, a number of safe anchorages and yacht clubs are available on two of the four larger islands.

The consistent trade winds and clear blue waters native to the British Virgin Islands make yacht charters and sailboats a common form of transportation. Both novice sailors and expert captains will find adventure when they set sail on the bright blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

If you’re itching to stretch your sea legs, try kiteboarding or wind surfing off the Virgin Gorda island, where the steady wind is kept in check by the Eustatia Reef. Or head out to a secluded surf spot and catch some gnarly waves. When you’re ready to dock, BVI yacht charters can whisk you right back to a nearby island for rest, relaxation and some of the best seafood restaurants you’ve ever experienced. And while you’re on shore, be sure to check out some of the art and culture of the island by visiting  local history museums and art galleries.

Whether you want to spend your vacation scuba diving among the spectacular coral reefs, island hopping on BVI yacht charters or spending the day inside a luxury resort and spa, GeoCharter can help you plan the vacation of your dreams.

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