GeoCharter works as the liaison between you, the charter guest, and the yacht that you chose to sail with. We’re right by your side through the entire booking process and handle all follow-up communications with your charter yacht. GeoCharter arranges a complementary reservation for your vacation, draws up and executes all paperwork when you’re ready to book. GeoCharter manages all payment deposits and keeps the balance of funds safe in Escrow until just before your charter. GeoCharter also provides a custom preference sheet for your party to fill out. This preference sheet gives you the opportunity to communicate food likes and dislikes, alcohol and beverage requests, special events, activity requests and more to your yacht crew. This ensures a tailor-made vacation experience.
Absolutely not. Similar to a traditional travel agent, GeoCharter is paid by the yacht owner for arranging the yacht charter, executing contract, and providing all pre and post charter support.
Booking with GeoCharter provides an unbiased support network and knowledge base at no additional cost. We’re here to help match our clients with the right boat for their group. GeoCharter provides honest and fact-based information and recommendations to ensure you and your party land with a well-matched yacht and crew. Furthermore, as our client, GeoCharter ensures that your best interests are represented at all times.

Step 1: Search.
Step 2: Enquire
Step 3: Book.

It’s that simple.Use the Search tool to make a short list of charter yachts within your budget and in your destination of choice. Enquire with GeoCharter. We’ll consult with you personally to make sure you get the yacht and crew that are the best fit for your vacation. Finally, sign your GeoCharter prepared Charter Yacht Agreement and submit your deposit to Book your vacation. Once booked, GeoCharter will work with you, providing all the information you need to be ready for your vacation!
 You’ll hear from your crew roughly two weeks prior to the start of your charter. This is the time for the crew to follow up on your GeoCharter submitted preference sheet and for you to ask any questions.
Most Caribbean sailing yacht vacation under $50,000 per week are “All inclusive”. This means that all of your meals, ships bar, cruising fees, fuel, use of water toys, etc. are all paid for in your charter fee. These rates are based on 7days/7nights. The charter fee is typically prorated accordingly for longer or shorter charters.
Crew gratuity is customary and not included in your charter fee but should be accounted for when budgeting your charter yacht vacation. Crew Gratuity is 15-20% of you charter rate and can be scaled up or down based upon the service rendered. This is typically paid in cash or check at the end of the charter.Other costs not included are airfare, transportation to and from the yacht, lodging preceding or following the charter, excessive alcohol requests, and on shore excursions. Additional charges are sometimes added on for scuba diving and pickup and drop-offs from a port not of the yachts origin. These additional fees will be highlighted and noted during the enquiry phase of your charter booking process.
Many charter yachts vacations taking place in the Caribbean over $50,000 and most yacht charters taking place outside of the Caribbean operate on a Plus Expenses basis. The posted rate includes the cost of the yacht only. This leaves the expense of meals, alcohol, fuel, dockage ect at an additional cost to the client. These expenses are typically paid for upfront via an Advanced Provisioning Allowance or APA. This APA is typically 20-35% of the charter rate depending on the yacht. The balance of the APA is put into an account used by the yachts crew to provision the boat accordingly and pay the expenses for the charter. At the end of your charter any remaining balance will be refunded.
If you as a charter guest decide to cancel your charter your payments will be forfeited. A partial refund will be issued if the charter yacht is rebooked for the dates of your charter. If the yacht must cancel the charter due to mechanical issues or similar reasons, a refund in full will be issued. In the unlikely event that this were to occur, GeoCharter will then work tirelessly to find a replacement yacht for your booked dates.
Trip Insurance is never a bad idea, especially when traveling around Hurricane season in the Caribbean. GeoCharter does not sell insurance but is happy to recommend several providers during the booking process.

More questions? Contact us today for answers and explanations to anything charter related. We’re here to help!